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16.317 Microprocessor Systems Design I

Description: This course provides an introduction to microprocessors. It uses assembly language to develop a foundation on the hardware, which executes a program. Memory and I/O interface design and programming. Study of microprocessor and its basic support components, including CPU architecture, memory interfaces and management, coprocessor interfaces, bus concepts, serial I/O devices, and interrupt control devices. Laboratories directly related to microprocessor functions and its interfaces. Credits: 3 Prerequisites: 16.265 (Logic Design) and 16.365 (Electronics I)


  • Microprocessor Software Architecture: Data formats, types, and alignment. Memory addressing and organization. Stack operation.
  • Microprocessor Instructions: Instruction formats and types: data transfer, arithmetic, logical, shift/rotate, conditional execution, program control, subroutines.
  • Assembly Language Programming: Ability to write, modify, and debug programs written in assembly language. Translation of high-level code to assembly language. Programs that integrate assembly and high-level code.
  • Microprocessor Interfacing: Memory and I/O interfacing. Bus cycles.
  • Interrupt Processing: Hardware and software interrupts.
  • Microcontroller-based Systems: Microcontroller architecture and instruction set. Microcontroller programming using both assembly language and high-level code. Design and debug microcontroller-based circuits.

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16.265 Logic Design and 16.365 Electronics I.