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16.480/552 Microprocessors II and Embedded System Design

This three-credit course provides a continuation of the study of microprocessors begun in 16.317. Topics include CPU architecture, memory interfaces and management, coprocessor interfaces, bus concepts, bus arbitration techniques, serial I/O devices, DMA and interrupt controlled devices. Focus will be placed on the design, construction, and testing of dedicated microprocessor systems (static and real-time). Hardware limitations of the single-chip system will be investigated along with microcontrollers, programming for small systems, interfacing, and communications, validating hardware and software, microprogramming of controller chips, and design methods and testing of embedded systems. Laboratories are directly related to microprocessor functions and embedded system designs.

This course introduces the theory and practice of embedded system design using the state-of-the-art hardware development systems and software tools. The lab components are redesigned to leverage Intel Galileo development boards, donated by Intel Corporation.

Credits: 3


16.311 Electronics I Lab, 16.317 Microprocessor Sys Desgn I, and 16.365 Electronics I.

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  • Introduction of Embedded System Design and Methodologies
  • Sensors and Analog Digital Conversion
  • Interfaces and Buses, I2C
  • Memory Organization and Interfacing
  • Direct Memroy Access, PCIe, and Interrupt
  • Linux and Device Drivers
  • Multicore and Parallel Programming
  • Emerging Technologies (Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things, etc.)


The redesign of this course is made possible in part due to the generous support from Intel Corporation.